Realities of today’s digital economy


Amid mushrooming IoT device sales and attendant channel transaction growth, findings from a recent study raise serious concerns about just how effectively online businesses are able to safeguard their stakeholders’ digital identities. A White Paper titled “The Economics of Digital Identity” was published by The Economist and authored by a team of experts at the Economist Intelligence […]

RSA: Most companies still exposed to significant cyber risk


Is your company exposed to significant cyber risk? If not, you’re in the minority, according to a new report from RSA. For the second year in a row, RSA, The Security Division of EMC, found that 75 percent of 878 survey respondents across 81 countries have significant cybersecurity risk exposure. There was, however, at least […]

Ransomware the biggest immediate cyber threat, Kaspersky warns

Kaspersky Report

Ransomware has overtaken advanced persistent threat network attacks as the most frequent cyber threat, according to security firm Kaspersky Lab, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down as authorities have had a hard time combating the viruses. A recent Kaspersky report revealed that there were 2,900 new ransomware modifications detected between January and March of 2016, […]

Cyber security professionals express concern about preparedness


Seventy-five percent of cyber security professionals expect to be victims of a cyber attack in 2016, according to a recent study released by ISACA and the RSA Conference that highlighted a startling level of concern regarding organizational cyber security, given that respondents were the very people entrusted to protect and enforce their systems. There were […]

Continued global cyber security growth projected for remainder of decade

Cyber Lock

The global cyber security market is expected to grow more than 12 percent annually through 2020, according to a newly released report. While that number is slower than previously projected, vulnerable wireless networks and increased mobile Internet usage continues to create need for increased security measures that provide revenue to the industry. Additionally, the report […]

Nearly half of Americans lack critical cyber security knowledge, says AARP

AARP Fraud Watch

Forty-five percent of all American adults failed a quiz about online and wireless safety, according to an AARP study released this week. The report, which focused on users’ cyber security habits as well as knowledge, found that while most Americans have a general idea of good cyber security practices, a significant portion of respondents  to […]

Survey: Organization’s size doesn’t indicate its “security maturity”

RSA Cybersecurity Poverty Index

Regardless of size, nearly three-quarters of companies lack the maturity to address cyber security risks, according to the inaugural “Cybersecurity Poverty Index” released by RSA, The Security Division of EMC. The index compiled survey results from more than 400 security professionals across 61 countries. Participants self-assessed the maturity of their cyber security programs against the […]

Report: More than 88 percent of cloud apps not enterprise ready

CLOUD Report

Compromised credentials are frequently being used in enterprise cloud apps, putting sensitive business information at risk, according to a report released today by cloud app analytics company Netskope. The report says as many as 15 percent of corporate users have had their account credentials stolen. Since many users reuse the same credentials across multiple accounts, […]

New report predicts rise in targeted attacks, online banking crime


In a new cyber crime report released last week, IT security provider Trend Micro makes a number of predictions for 2015 and beyond, including a rise in targeted attacks and an increase in the severity of online banking and other financially motivated attacks. “The growing risks online banking threats pose should motivate individuals and organizations alike […]

Andrew Borene Appointed to Chair 2015 Cyber Security Summit

CSS 2014 Logo

The 2014 Cyber Security Summit is less than two months away and will contain more actionable takeaways for attendees than ever before. (View this year’s agenda here.) However, with cyber threats showing no signs of slowing down, plans are already well underway for the 2015 Summit, beginning with today’s announcement of the 2015 Summit Chair: […]