Study: Once inside, hackers don’t need malware


Once they have breached a system, most hackers no longer need malware, according to a new study by LightCyber, a provider of Behavioral Attack Detection solutions. According to the company’s Cyber Weapons Report 2016, 99 percent of post-intrusion cyberattack activities used standard networking, IT administration and other tools. “While malware was commonly used to initially […]

Survey: Most companies don’t budget for ransomware attacks


Based on the prevalence of the scam, some security experts have called 2016 “the year of ransomware,” yet a new survey shows most businesses don’t budget extra funds to regain access after a ransomeware attack. The survey, conducted by data security firm IDT911, found that 65 percent of respondents currently do not, nor plan to, […]

FBI seeks special agents with cyber skills to combat online crime


After a slew of cyber attacks in 2014, the FBI has taken notice and is seeking out experienced cyber professionals to join their team, according to a report in the Chicago Tribune last week. The job post lists a variety of potential assignments, including investigations of cyber-based terrorism, computer intrusions, online exploitation and major cyber […]